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Track: Golden Palace
Artist: Hunter Bell, Susan Blackwell, Heidi Blickenstaff, Jeff Bowen
Album: Now. Here. This. - Original Cast Recording
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# i want to do like an urban grunge outfit inspired by oliver from oliver and company!

Anyone into fashion out there who’d want to help me with my Halloween costume?

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# if that makes any sense?

I’m working on Tell Her I Love Her as a solo from Urinetown for class, and the song makes me think of like, a genderbent Enjolras?

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I was tagged by neverlandlass

Name: Jamie
Birthday: June 3
Fave color: Green or purple
Lucky number: 9
Height: 5”7
Talents: Music! I’m really good of like, musical things. Playing instruments and writing arrangements and shiz like that
Last dream: I had a dream last night and I totally don’t remember much about it. It was very chaotic, as my dreams always are. I do remember a giant Chapters, but not like, a Chapters that was just bigger than usual, I mean like, the books were about four times taller than I was. But the weird thing was that I remember at the end of my dream, I looked at someone’s phone, and there were two texts from a friend of mine, Mark, and then I woke up and there were two texts from him on my phone and it was so fucking weird.
Arts/sports/both: Both! I love the arts, but I also love a good hockey game :)
Do you like writing: Yes!
Do you like singing: Yes!
Do you like dancing: Yes!


Dream Vacation: I was going to say New York but I want to live in New York, not vacation there. I’d love to go back to Austria, it’s one of my favorite places I’ve beeen, it’s just beautiful!
Dream Person: I don’t understand this question?
Dream Wedding: In a theatre, just something very musical. I’d love to propose to the love of my life (or be proposed to) in a theatre. You always see those cute proposal videos of after shows and stuff and I’d love that. Or to do that.
Dream Pet: Cats. All of them.
Dream Job: Acting


Favourite song: Run Away With Me
Favorite Album: [title of show] cast album
Least Favorite song: Blurred Lines
Least Favorite album: Mamma Mia cast album (I love ABBA though)
Favorite Artist: Owl City


Guys/Girls/Both: Both. Yet neither.
Hair Color: No preference
Eye Color: No preference
Humorous/Serious: Serious, probably. I couldn’t live with someone who made everything into jokes, especially when things need to be serious.
Taller/Shorter: Taller boys, shorter girls.
Biggest Turn Off: I don’t feel comfortable to answer
Biggest Turn On: I don’t feel comfortable to answer

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Rule 1: Always post the rules Rule 2: Answer the questions the person who tagged you asked, and write 11 new ones Rule 3: Tag 11 people and link them to the post

I got tagged by chandraleeschwartz

1. How many pillows do you sleep with?
6 or 7?

2. You’re given a million dollars and one day to live, what do you do?
Probably fly to New York, and take the love of my life on the greatest night of their life. Treat him/her to a romantic night, everything that is their choosing. Use the last of the money that we didn’t use that night and hand out $100 bills to the homeless directly on the street, or donate whatever is left.

3. You get to have a private concert. Choose an artist, a guest artist, and 5 songs that they would sing.
I’m not actually super particular to like, one specific artist? I don’t know, to be perfectly honest. Not because I’m torn between a few, but there’s not one person who I would stab someone to meet.

4. You get to ask God one question. What is it?
This sounds really complicated, but I would ask God for an update bible, one that has adjused to the world around us and one that is relevant to what we now know about life.

5. Happiest scenario that you can come with up of your future right now
In a show, gaining a fair amount of money (enough to keep me off the streets, that is), and spending my time with those who I love most of all.

6. Lyric that means a lot to you
"Something next to normal would be okay"

7. What do you want to be remembered for?
My theatre work, but also for fighting against the stigma of mental illness.

8. Favorite ice cream flavor (because this is all really deep)
I’m such a child, I love like, gumball or cotton candy ice cream.

9. Time machine and comps. Which show do you see?
[title of show]!! Or Ordinary Days!!

10. Favorite song to just belt/sing out
I’m having a lot of fun with my current VIP song, I’m Going Back from Bells are Ringing.

11. They’re making a musical about your life. Who do you cast as you, your love interest, and your best friend?
If there was a musical about my life, I’d want unknown actors cast in the show. I love actors who haven’t done any major work and make their breakthrough performances and stuff, you know what I mean.

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# people talk about how much beef they have with other people
# i don't think there's a single person who i hate with all my passion in life
# or have any beef with
# i dont understand that concept

I seriously don’t understand some people. They complain about all these things that other people do and I ask them “Did you tell _____ that this upset you?” and then they say no. Like, why are you so surprised said person has never made it up to you if they don’t even know that they upset you? And if they don’t understand that they upset you, they might just go and do it again!

And like, same with people who are like “I’ve never talked to _____ but I have a bad feeling about them so I don’t like them” like ??? how do you know someone’s a bad person if you’ve never held an actual conversation with them? You get so upset that they talk about you behind your back and then you proceed to do the exact same to them.

I seriously don’t understand the concept of hating other people. Like. Just be nice.

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One of my favorite quotes.
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